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C2 Family • Testimonials

Carl, New River

"I came to class to support my wife but my eyes were opened. C2 Family became a springboard for me to be an intentional dad."

Pastor Jon Sherman

"C2 Family helped me be as intentional about planning for my family as I am about planning for my work. "

Nick and Kelli

"We really didn’t realize what a pit we were in. I say we but it was really me, Nick, my family was just the causality of it all. I was really struggling both as a father and a husband. My wife Kelli as it turns out was really praying for a change in my heart because I was lost, visionless and had gotten our family into a lot of debt. Deep down I wanted more for my family and also for me but I didn’t know how to get there. I was really struggling and everyone around me knew it. This life of struggle began to change in the fall of 2010 after we attended a C2 Family Vision Quest workshop. It was at this workshop that Kelli and I got real hope and a new excitement for our family. What you are about to read in this book “The Power of Family Vision” was the process of developing vision for us that changed our story and we believe it will also change yours. What we received by being intentional and committing to the process was a new restoration and a transformation for our family. This is where the Lord came and rescued me and brought back as a husband and father. He gave Kelli and I a united vision for our family. We believed we had a greater purpose and we didn’t want to miss it. This was our vision: To glorify God in the land that He has given to us by producing healthy foods for our family, teach the children responsibility and values, and to better equip ourselves so we can be good stewards and servants of the Lord. No longer will we be a slave to debt by owing any man, but live free in Christ. After Kelli and I were in agreement over our initial vision we became intentional in the execution as a family to make it become a reality. We found land we could afford and move our family on it. We got ourselves out of debt and we started to teach our children the values we believe in for our family. We started to see our kids differently and treat them differently according to each one’s gifts, talents and abilities. They were created uniquely, so was our family. We knew the journey would not be easy but we persevered. We needed daily encouragement so we wrote this reminder for all of us to see each day to remind us that we want more for our family and especially our children. Here’s how it read. Today, remember to press on in diligence knowing that all hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty. Remember that each day we gather money little by little, we will make it grow. Today, we must commit to the Lord whatever we do so our plans will succeed because we know that we can make plans in our hearts but the Lord determines our steps. We sacrifice to follow Biblical wisdom knowing we must first finish our outdoor work and get our field ready and paid for and after that we may build our house through wisdom and have a home established through understanding. From the book of Proverbs Only three years later we are living a very intentional and abundant life. Our vision has changed as we move closer to where we believe the Lord is leading us. For us, having a clear God given vision for our family with intentional steps changed us and our circumstances. We encourage you to read on and as they say, C2 it."

Eric and Lori

"Oddly enough, we had two boys in college in 2014 when we were invited to a family and parenting event by Bill and Danielle Ford. They had just moved to our neighborhood and we wanted to support them as new friends. We are also leaders in our church and want to support anything that empowers families so we decided to attend. The first evening brought us several new revelations that helped us both consider or re-consider the opportunity we had in front of us as parents of grown boys and soon, God willing, grandparents. What really struck us both was how we could still help our family begin to cast a family vision that would impact not just our kids but also hopefully many generations after them. We had always believed and wanted more; we simply didn’t have the tools or process until this event. What we realized was Lori and I needed to get into agreement over what we wanted for our family now and in the future. We also talked about how we wanted many generations of Castners to know about their family heritage. So, for us, in order to begin this process we needed to dream and put down in writing who we believed we were now and who we were striving to become as an empowered and believing family. We invited our college age boys to a long family weekend at the lake to go fishing and hang out. But little did they know, we had a greater agenda. After the kids arrived, we told them not only were we going to fish but we were going to spend some time casting a vision for our family. When we told them we went to a family and parenting event they were like, what? Really? They told us we were practically done parenting since both of them were almost out of college. They were close to a rolling their eyes but they humored us as we laid out our plan for our entire family. As we got into the process with the boys they became extremely engaged. The crafting of our family vision statement was truly a joint effort and their input was very helpful and encouraging. We all agreed about what we believed our family stood for. The first words we wanted to use were “not perfect” but we are moving to a bigger and better vision for our family. We not only crafted our vision statement but created a wallet size copy so we can all carry it with us no matter where we go. As rewarding as this was for our family the most rewarding part was when several weeks later my oldest son told us both that he was so thankful that we had the courage to help our family write out who we were, what we believed and what we were wanting to become as we grew as a family. Our son realized that what we began that weekend, will impact him and his kids and also his grandkids. Thank you C2 Family for giving us the tools to move forward."