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C2 Family • Church Resources

Church Resources

C2 Family wants to come alongside your church to train families to walk in the power and authority God intends for them.

As you prepare and market your upcoming C2Family event, here are some tools to help:

Our Promotional Peices
C2 Logo Set
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C2 Logo
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Our downloadable Promotional Video

Marketing Snippets:
  1. "C2Family is a equipping ministry passionate about helping families discover their God-given vision."
  2. "C2Family helps train families to be intentional in transferring values to their children using God's principles."
  3. "C2Family equips families to become intentional and live abundantly with a God-given purpose and vision to change the outcome for this and future generations."
  4. "C2Family teaches practical tools for families to take home and immediately begin implementing to train up their children in the way they should go."
  5. "A disconnected, frustrated, and overwhelmed family can find hope, truth and tools to unite their family for God’s greater purpose…and C2Family can help.  Join the conference this weekend and acquire the blueprint you have been looking for to take your family to higher heights."
  6. "The C2Family conference equips you and your family with practical tools to change the outcome for this and future generations."
  7. "Every family benefits from discovering the vision God has for them.  The C2Family conference will help you not only discover His vision, but provide the tools to move into that vision quickly and unite your family to the common purpose He has for you."
  8. "God created families to live in peace and to overcome the doubt and fear that grips so many families.  Come to the C2Family conference for truths and tools that will impact your family with God’s purpose TODAY and for the generations to come."
You may also be interested in some of our testimonials.  

Visit our "about us" tab and scroll to "testimonials" for some letters we have received from participants and also visit the blogs for some short video testimonies as well.