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C2 Family • God's Family


  Choose a topic and click on the image to listen: Bill and Danielle shared their heart about C2Family and StormWarriors.  Listen as they talk about encouraging families through the storms of life and how a family vision statement can be the driving force to victory.
What are some Signs of a Healthy Family, and can you see some of these in your own family? Read our Blog, "Signs of a Healthy Family".  Doing Life. What does it mean to "Do Life" with your family and friends? Here are some great ways to have the biggest impact on the people around you!
Intentional or Good Intentions? An intentional family is an "on purpose" family.  Choosing to be intentional will change the outcome for this and future generations.  Dating (Part I) Are your children or grandchildren beginning to date? This can be an amazing oppertunity to be intentional and see God moving within your family.
CLICK HERE for our blog, "So, you want to date my daugter?"
Is your family Spiritually Healthy and Strong? We at C2Family have created a FREE ASSESSMENT TEST for you to determine how spiritually healthy your family is, and what your family might need to work on. Dating (Part II) How can you be intentional with your children through this new step in their journey? And how can you have an impact on the people they're dating?  Tune into find out how God can move in big ways through dating relationships!
The Gifts of the Holy Spirit are meant for your family!   How do we live triumpantly as a Christian? Are you truly living freely and confidently? As a child of God, don't be pushed around! Don't be bullied!
All Families Matter and 'doing life' with other families will enrich your family. This world loves to lie to us. How can we teach our children to identify lies and know the truth? Here are 7 major Lies! along with 7 matching truths that we need to know how to identify.
You are Uniquely Qualified to be your Kids Parents  You are Uniquely Qualified to be your Kid's Parents  God knows you and gave your children to you, therefore you are uniquely qualified to raise them.  We got to see God do some amazing things at one of our C2Family Conferences this weekend and wanted to share a little bit of the Afterglow of the weekend!
What is in the name C2Family?
Declare your family is a C2Family - buy your t-shirts today! <click here>
 Christmas Memories and New Traditions.  Merry Christmas from C2Family! We encourage you this Christmas to be creative in showing love and appriciation within your family. Tune in for some way to be intentional this Holiday Season!
What's at Stake? If you choose to do nothing about the culture's impact on your family there is much at stake.
Purposed to Love. One of God's favorite ways to show love is through the family unit.  Family was designed to refelct God's perfect, supernatural love.
Train up your Children.  Who's responsibilty is it to raise up the next generation? We at C2Family would say...IT'S YOURS.  Tune in for some great wisdom on how God says to train up our children. The Purpose of Vision. Do you have dreams for your family? One of the best ways to do this is to allow God to give you a vision for your family. Here are 5 practicle steps to do this!
The Power of Family Vision
Bill and Danielle share the journey that led to the book "The Power of Family Vision"
This is a YouTube video of the live broadcast, you can fast forward to the second hour to view and listen to the C2Family segment.
Generosity.  God's heart and character is to give and bless abundantly, and we want to show you how to pass that down to your children.
God Sees Your Family Whole! And He wants us all walking in the abundant life Jesus came to give.  Don't miss out on the power, authority, and abundance that God wants your family walking in. Hospitality. When someone visits your home, what do they see? What do they experience?  We always want to show hospiltality to guests and strangers, and we want to pass this crucial value down to our children. 
Do you view your family as broken? The good news is that God Wants Your Family Whole!  Listen to these 7 truths on brokenness, and God came to restore you and your family! Function Over Form.  God has created a FUNCTION for each family regardless of the FORM of your family.  No matter what your family looks like, God has a great purpose for it!
Have you ever wanted to push the Reset Button in life? You are not alone...change is always possible in your family.  Praise God we always get to push the reset button, tune in to find out how! Is your child struggling to be heard? The Interrupt Rule is a great tool to teach your children a respectful, orderly way to interupt a conversation you are having to be heard.
Practical Ways to Teach Values (Part I) We all want to teach our children values.  Here are some effective, practical, easy ways to do so! Our Story. We wanted to share our personal story with our listeners to show you the great love, grace, and redemption of our God, and to show you how C2Family really began. 
Practical Ways to Teach Values (Part II) One of the best ways to teach your children values is to allow them to fail! This is a toughy; here is some encouragment and instruction on how to do this the right way.  Disciple and Discipline your Children. Discipling your children can be very difficult at times, but done correctly, and it will lead to disipleship. 
 Christmas Time: Families are made to worship. We were created for worship! Why is it so important that the family unity worship together? God wants your Family Whole. Understanding that God wants the highest possible good for your family will bless you and encourage you.  Here are seven truths that is evidence God wants your family whole.